Young Adult

  Connect with friends, meet new people, and honestly engage in a personal relationship with Jesus. 

Is God real? Can the Bible be trusted? Can miracles even exist? Does God really care about what I do with my life? Faith and relationship with Jesus is a journey meant to be explored and pursued. Explore who God is, ask your toughest questions, and dig deep into what the Bible really has to say with Young Adults at North River.

Journeys are better together! We believe that God did not create us to do life alone. We were made to be in community together. Meet and connect with other people in your life stage with Young Adults at North River.

You have a unique purpose in this world! As the next generation your time to stand and lead is now.  Engage with the world around you through leadership opportunities, service, and events designed to challenge and inspire you with Young Adults at North River.

Upcoming Gatherings  for Young Adults at North River

Small Group

Do you like food? So do we! Join us for dinner and group gathering on Monday nights at the home of Rich & Kristie Peck. We’ll connect, explore faith, the Bible, and how the journey of faith connects into everyday life. For the address or if you’d like to stay in the loop please click below to be added to our info list.

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