Our Story

People being forever changed by God’s love, and daily changing the South Shore and beyond for Jesus.

North River Community Church…

began as a dream in the hearts of a handful of people who helped launch a new church with a heart for Jesus. That group grew from a small prayer meeting in the summer of 1989 to the North River you know today.

Along the way, there were several growth steps that required faith, courage and strategic investments. While growing our church in an unconventional, store-front setting, North River grew dramatically while meeting in Pembroke’s Corporate Park for over 13 years.

With God working on our behalf, our next steps included an incredible act of generosity and God’s provision. After looking at more than 40 sites for potential development, the Tedeschi Realty Company made a partial donation of 44.2 acres of land. The Tedeschi group asked us for $500,000 for land that was appraised at $8.5 million. During that time, North River partnered with RSI to lead us through two consecutive capital stewardship campaigns. Through these campaigns the people of our congregation prayed and contributed their time, money and vision to position North River Community Church for long-term ministry impact here on the South Shore.

Our Purpose

We want to see the entire South Shore radically changed for Jesus. What does that change look like? We believe as a person experiences God’s love, it is transformational in their life, which will have a ripple-effect in every area of their life; family, neighborhood, town, region and throughout the world. The change comes when God’s love overflows from us to those around us. This change is multiplies as more people hear about, know of, and experience God’s love.