Small Groups

“Church is a place to belong, not a place to go – and a Small Group is the place to start.”

                                                                -Small Group Member

Small Groups are gatherings of 3-12 people who meet regularly for connection, growth, and community with others. They provide a place to fit-in and build relationships. Small Groups provide an environment where members encourage and support each other, laugh and listen, discuss challenges and pray about them, and grow together in their understanding of God.

Authentic community and friendship was a high-priority of the early church.  People were known and cared for by each other.  They served each other.  Prayed for each other.  Community was life-changing!  We believe this kind of community can and should exist in the church today.  The average person in America only has 2 people they can confide in.  Some people have no one they can confide in. Small Groups build community!

But healthy community doesn’t happen automatically.  Healthy community happens when ordinary people are committed to each other around biblical values:

Learning: An opportunity to study God’s word, and a commitment to each other to grow and transform as followers of Christ.

Intimacy: Developing honest, authentic community, by caring for one another, and encouraging each other through the natural ebb and flow of life.

Fun: People who laugh, play and celebrate life together.

Extending: Serving together to extend the love of Christ in local towns and communities around the South Shore.

In other words, community happens by doing “LIFE” together.

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another.

How Do I Connect to a small group?

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Some FAQ’s About Small Groups

When & Where Do Small Groups Meet?

Some of our groups meet together online, some meet in person, and some are meeting in person with members tuning in via Zoom.  

Are Small Groups for men, women or both?

There are Small Groups for men, women as well as coed.  Whichever your preference, we have a group for you. 

What do you do in Small groups?

Small groups meetings are structured around a simple format:  social time, study time, sharing time, and prayer time.  

What do you study in Small Groups?

All groups have a time of focused study when they meet.  This may be a book study, a Bible Study, a DVD Curriculum or campaign.  All curriculum is Biblical and theologically sound.

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