Leadership Development

at North River Church     

North River acknowledges the importance of developing future leaders to carry out God’s mission.  Three years ago, we identified Leadership Development (LD) as a major strategic imperative.  This focus gave birth to The Leadership Formation Adventure (TLFA) comprised of North River delivered leadership training to both present a future NR leaders.


To invest TODAY in the leaders that we will need TOMORROW … to accomplish our mission daily … to do God’s work better together … to  accelerate the implementation of the North River Vision – ”People being forever changed by God’s love, and daily changing the South Shore and beyond for Jesus”

What’s our LD plan?

The Leadership Development Plan for 2020-2021 provides for three Complementary and Aligned Leadership Development Streams:

  1. The Leadership Formation Adventure (TLFA): see below
  2. Ministry Specific Leadership Development and Coaching:  Intentional and structured coaching and mentoring of staff and ministry leaders to develop, strengthen and grow the leadership capability throughout the church.
  3. The Global Leadership Summit is an impactful “Summer Leadership Camp” (online or physical depending on pandemics) with online followup materials for NR and South Shore people to increase their ability to influence others and to be better leaders.



The Leadership Formation Adventure

Leadership Development is a lifelong calling for each and every one of us, for both our own development and the influencing of other individuals.

Why TLFA?   It provides a biblical Leadership Development foundation for leaders and future leader.

What/How?   It’s an adventure as it blends (1) reading, (2) lecture with Q&A, (3) small group discussion, and (4) real life & ministry application through role play of key learning. (With 2020 COVID challenges we are blending online interaction with optional socially distanced discussions to deliver the TLFA experience.)

 Who should participate?  Current and future leaders with a wide range of personality style, age and leadership experience.



Want to learn more?  Check out our TLFA Video!


We encourage every leader and potential leader to consider joining TLFA for the 2021 fall season as a participant or a TLFA leader.

Email your interest to todd@northriverchurch.org


        The Global Leadership Summit

This 2-Day event is an incredible opportunity to grow and develop personally and professionally.  We encourage any and all leaders (and emerging leaders) to attend the Summit each year.  For more information, visit www.northriverchurch.org/GLS