God wants every believer to grow spiritually.

Growth Path is North River’s process to help people become fully developed worshipers and servants of Christ.  Each class is designed to take next steps in your relationship with Jesus.  Some classes require reading or viewing videos beforehand and then an in-person class discussion and Q&A time with facilitators. Classes can be taken in sequence or at your preference following the completion of Belong-101.

The Belong-101 class is a basic introduction to our church family. People come to us from a wide array of church backgrounds, and this interactive class provides an opportunity to get a clear understanding of North River Church. You will learn about our unique calling as a church, including our history, purpose, beliefs and structure.  You will also learn what it means to be a Christian, and what it means to be a member of North River.  This class is a prerequisite for becoming a member.

The Belong-101 class is divided into 2 sessions(1.5 hours each).

The next 101 Class will be held on June 30 & July 7 from 10 – 11:30 am in Classroom B.

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The Bless-301 class takes you on a journey of discovering how God has uniquely designed you for serving ministry.  The bible teaches every member is a minister, and equipped with God-given Spiritual Gifts, Personality and God Energized Passions.  You will discover where and how you can make a difference in life and ministry, for your good and God’s glory.  Belong-101 is a prerequisite to taking this class.  .

Bless-301 includes some reading, 2 videos, a live session and a coaching session.

Our next 301 Class will be held: TBD

The Become-201 class will provide you with foundational skills helpful in growing in your relationship with Jesus. In this class you will explore four healthy habits every Christian needs to grow in the process of becoming more like Jesus. Belong- 101 is a prerequisite to taking this class.

For the Become-201 class you will be asked to view two short online videos and attend one live session.

Check back soon for our next 201 date.

The Build-401 class will help you begin the journey of discovering your mission in the world,  and how to be an effective messenger of God’s Good News by using your time, talents and treasure wherever God’s mission takes you as an ambassador in the world.  Belong-101 is a prerequisite to taking this class.

Check back soon for the dates of our next 401 Class.

Download the Bible App

One of the best ways we can grow spiritually is to spend time reading God’s Word (the Bible) regularly.  The Bible App is an easy way to get the Bible into your hands through all your devices so you can read the Bible whenever or wherever you are.

Download the Bible App here.

Get Connected

Small Groups–church is a place to belong, not just a place to go. 

Small Groups are gatherings of 3-12 people who meet regularly. Some groups meet at the church, others in homes. There are groups for women, men, or mixed – some focusing on family, others on Bible study, and some are activity-centered. They provide a place to fit in and build relationships. They encourage and support each other, laugh and listen, discuss challenges and pray about them, and grow together in their understanding of God. They’re friends who “do life” together.

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Join a Team

Serving at North River–Connecting with meaningful ministry

We are here to help you connect with meaningful ministry as you grow in faith, in community and in fellowship at North River. Contact us to get involved at info@northriverchurch.org

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts with our online assessment:

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