Welcome to KIDSZONE!

Where Families Grow in Grace & in the Knowledge of Jesus Christ!

KIDSZONE meets in person on Sunday mornings! Infants, Preschoolers & Kindergarteners will be welcomed to their class 10 minutes before the service begins, while grades 1-5 will be dismissed to their class after the singing portion of our service.  

Kidszone Values

Safety -Emotionally and Physically: where kids know that they are valued

Leading Children to Christ: through modeling & teaching

Equipping Families: providing tools to build upon Sunday’s lessons

Teaching Biblical Truth: not just stories, but truths they can count on

Relevancy and Fun: Why it matters what they remember

Child-Targeted Teaching: age appropriate & incorporating diverse learning styles

What Do We Teach?

Our curriculum “First Look” & “252 Kids”  is published by  and uses a comprehensive strategy for every age from birth through graduation.  We use the R.E.A.L. learning approach in our classrooms to creatively teach the Father’s foundation with fun:

R- Relational Children work in small groups to explore their understanding at a personal level.

E- Experiential  using multiple senses increases learning and retention tenfold. You’ll find painting, puppetry, music, parachutes, drama and more.

A- Applicable  Beyond information to transformation, your child should be able to answer “so what?” when they leave their class.

L- Learner-based  Our teachers strive to use words appropriate to their specific age level and invite them to take on a weekly challenge to apply their learning.

Who Are Our Teachers?

Our volunteer classroom teachers are carefully selected through an application process, are interviewed by the Children’s Ministry Director and have a CORI background check administered.  We look for teaching that is full of surprises, interesting, and challenging. Our teachers are dedicated to being prayerful and loving towards the children as they bring high-energy and creativity to the classroom. We’d love you to come check us out if you are interested. Let us set up a time where you can just shadow a teacher as a helper and you can get an idea of where you might fit in.

Fall Registration And Check-In Procedures

Fall Registration and Check-In Process For KidsZone

We are implementing a few changes as we begin a new ministry year:

Fall Registration:  We are asking each family to register their child for Kidszone this fall, even if they have been registered for KidsZone previously.  This will help ensure all of our information is accurate, and that we have the most up to date information about your child.  Please use the link here to pre-register your child before Sunday.  If you have more than one child in KidsZone, please fill out one form for each child.  We will have a registration station in the lobby before and after both services this Sunday to register your child as well (Please look for the sign that says “KidsZone Check-In Here”).  Please note:  Your child will not able to attend KidsZone until they are registered for the fall.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

New Check-In System:  KidsZone will be implementing a new check-in system this fall.  Beginning Sunday, September 18, parents will check-in their child at the check-in station in the lobby before you enter into the service.  Please look for the big sign that says “Kidszone Check-In Here” when you enter the building.  There will be people at the check-in station who will be happy to assist.  Once checked-in, your child will receive a name-badge-sticker to wear for the morning.  You will receive a matching sticker to hold until the end of the service.  Once you are checked in, your child can go to their appropriate classroom (remember, Elementary students stay in the Worship Center until announcements and are dismissed to their teachers).  Teachers will look to see if they are wearing their name-badge.  If a child is not wearing a name-badge, they will need to be checked-in by you at the Check-In station in the lobby before they can go to their classroom.  At the end of the service, please pick up your child in their classroom by turning in the sticker you received at check-in to the teacher.  The teacher will match your sticker with your child’s name badge and release them to you.  Please help us ensure your child has a smooth transition with this new system by making sure you have registered your child, and have checked them in for the day.  We will do our absolute best to help and guide you through this process.



Next Steps:

1. Download the Volunteer CORI Application and the Teacher or KidsZone Student Helper Covenant.

2. Complete and attach a photocopy of your license or government ID with your CORI Form.

3. Return completed forms to: Children’s Ministry,  North River Church, 334 Old Oak St, Pembroke, MA 02359


To find out more about our Children’s Ministry or to enroll, contact the church office.



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