Welcome to KIDSZONE!

Where Families Grow in Grace & in the Knowledge of Jesus Christ!

KIDSZONE meets in person on Sunday mornings! Infants, Preschoolers & Kindergarteners will be welcomed to their class 15 minutes before the service begins, while grades 1-5 will be dismissed to their class after the worship portion of our service.  

Kidszone Values

Safety: Every student is safe in our building with our secure check in system and highly trained volunteers.

Structure: Every class has a well planned lesson with time to quietly learn without distractions and time to play. Each lesson is age appropriate. 

Spirituality: We don’t only teach lessons, we teach Biblical truth each child can count on and ways to grow their personal relationship with God.

Equipping families: We provide take-home tools to parents and offer support beyond Sunday mornings.

Relevancy: We teach children why the lesson matters to them and ways to apply it and share it with those around them.

Fun: Using diverse methods of learning – such as games, crafts, videos and music – we make each Sunday special and full of joy!

What We Teach

The curriculum we use is “Simply Loved” from Group Publishing. It is used in our Preschool through 5th grade classes. It teaches that faith isn’t just a subject, it is a relationship. We use the R.E.A.L approach in our classes to teach foundational, Jesus-centered lessons with fun: 

Relational – Teachers who have experienced God’s love share it with students, who learn to share it with those around them.

Experiential – Students use multiple senses and formats of learning to retain information, such as art, videos, music, crafts, drama and games. 

Applicable – Your child will leave understanding why each lesson is important to them and their life.

Learner based – Teachers tailor the lesson to each specific age group and teach them ways to apply the Bible Point during the week. 

Who Are Our Teachers?

Our classroom teachers are men and women in the church who have a passion for teaching children about the Word of God and how much God loves them! Each volunteer must be approved by the Children’s Ministry Director and have a background check administered. Our teaching is fun, interesting and challenging. Our teachers are dedicated and prepared to teach each week. They show joy and love to the students every Sunday. If you are interested in volunteering, we will set up a time for you to experience a class with a trained teacher and see how it works! 

 Registration And Check-In Procedures

Each Sunday we request that students are checked in to their classes. This is to ensure they have a secure pick up tag and that we have a record of attendance for each class. Look for the sign in the lobby that says “KidsZone Check-In”. There will be a volunteer there to help you. 

The registration desk opens 15 minutes before each service. At check in, each child receives a tag that states their name, class, any allergies they may have and a secure identification number. The parent will receive a tag with a matching identification number. This tag has to be shown to the classroom teacher in order to pick up the child. If you are a guest, we ask that you still check in your child at the registration desk to ensure a safe pick up after the service. The volunteers at the registration desk are happy to guide you through this process. 

Once you arrive at your child’s classroom, please sign your child in on the paper sign-in sheet and provide your cell phone number. This gives the teacher a physical copy of the attendance and a way to contact you if we need you during the service.

If you know we do not have your child’s information in our system and you would like to register your child for KidsZone before you attend on a Sunday morning, please click “Register Here” below.


Next Steps:

1. Download the Volunteer CORI Application and the Teacher or KidsZone Student Helper Covenant.

2. Complete and attach a photocopy of your license or government ID with your CORI Form.

3. Return completed forms to: Children’s Ministry,  North River Church, 334 Old Oak St, Pembroke, MA 02359


To find out more about our Children’s Ministry or to enroll, contact Krystiana McGovern, Children’s Ministry Coordinator.

781-826-0722 ext.103