Adult Ministries

The challenge by the Apostle Paul to the Colossian church (Col 1:28) of building spiritually mature disciples serves as the motivation for all the various opportunities you will find listed. Opportunities abound that will enable you to experience and express our Go, Grow and Reach approach to developing a vibrant and healthy community of Christ followers.

Guywire Men’s Ministry

Men, you matter to God.

The vision for Guywire is straightforward. We desire to see each man become a disciple of Christ who daily seeks Him, lives like Him and serves like Him.  We believe this is essential for men, as it leads to a better man and therefore a better family and a better community.

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Women’s Ministry

Women of all ages, career paths, and family sizes with a goal to…

BEFRIEND women and give them a place to
BELONG so they will come to
BELIEVE in Jesus and
BECOME more like Him.

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Small Groups

Church is a place to belong, not a place to go – and a Small Group is the place to start.

Small Groups are gatherings of 3-12 people who meet regularly. Some groups meet at the church, others in homes. There are groups for women, men, or mixed – some focusing on family, others on Bible study, and some are activity-centered. They provide a place to fit in and build relationships. They encourage and support each other, laugh and listen, discuss challenges and pray about them, and grow together in their understanding of God. They’re friends who “do life” together.

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