The Leadership Formation Adventure

Leadership Development is a lifelong calling for each and every one of us for both our own development and the influencing of other individuals.

Here are some of the outcomes from being part of TLFA:

(1) CONNECTING – You will connect with other committed and diverse leaders, beyond your present circle.

(2) INSPIRING – Your participation will inspire a wide variety of other leaders who are part of TLFA.

(3) YOUR DEVELOPMENT – You will become a better leader. Everyone leaves with some personal golden nuggets.

(4) DEVELOPING OTHERS – Your shared experiences will solidify and make real the learnings for many other participants

(5) VISION SUPPORT – To support the North River Vision of an impactful, multigenerational, Kingdom focused Church for the South Shore we need a diverse TLFA cohort by age, gender, leadership experience and represented ministry/leadership groups.

Want to learn more?  Check out our TLFA Video!