God wants every believer to grow spiritually.

Small Groups–church is a place to belong, not just a place to go. 

Small Groups are gatherings of 3-12 people who meet regularly. Some groups meet at the church, others in homes. There are groups for women, men, or mixed – some focusing on family, others on Bible study, and some are activity-centered. They provide a place to fit in and build relationships. They encourage and support each other, laugh and listen, discuss challenges and pray about them, and grow together in their understanding of God. They’re friends who “do life” together.

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Women’s Ministry–women of all ages, career paths and family sizes whose goal is to…

BEFRIEND women and give them a place to
BELONG so they will come to
BELIEVE in Jesus and
BECOME more like Him.

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Guywire Men’s Ministry–Supporting Men to be strong Disciples of Christ.

We desire to see each man become a disciple of Christ who daily seeks Him, lives like Him and serves like Him.  We believe this is essential for men, as it leads to a better man and therefore a better family and a better community.

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Class 201

Developing Spiritual Maturity

This class, led by experienced, but not perfect, Christ followers, will provide you with foundational skills helpful in growing in spiritual maturity. You will explore four healthy habits every Christian needs to grow in the process of becoming like Christ. Class 101 (Membership) is a prerequisite to taking this class.
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Class 301

Discovering Your Ministry

God has wonderfully designed each of us from the time we were born. Through your own personal story, the 301 Class takes you on a journey of discovering your unique God-given Spiritual Gifts, Personality and Behavioral Make-up and God Energized Passions.

This course, coupled with a personal coach, will assist you in discovering where and how you can make a difference in life and ministry, for your good and God’s glory. Come join us. Class 101 (Membership) is a prerequisite to taking this class.
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Class 401

Discovering Your Mission

You were uniquely created to fulfill God’s purpose and your life mission was planned before you were born. The goal of the class is to enable you to begin the journey of discovering that mission and to be an effective messenger God’s Good News by using your time, talents and treasure wherever that mission takes you.

The course will focus upon Discovering Your Mission, How to Share the Good News, How to Fish in Your Mission Pond and How to Become an Ambassador to Your World.

Class 101 (Membership) is a prerequisite to taking this class.
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Serving at North River–Connecting with meaningful ministry

We are here to help you connect with meaningful ministry as you grow in faith, in community and in fellowship at North River. Contact us to get involved at info@northriverchurch.org

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Discover Your Spiritual Gifts with our online assessment:

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