The Movie Night on the Marshfield Town Green has been rescheduled to Saturday night Sept. 29th, 6:30 -9:30 pm!  We will be showing Cars 3 on a 20ft screen.  This is a great opportunity to invite friends and neighbors to a fun, community-building event.  Help is needed for setup and cleanup. Sign up to help HERE.

Getting Better at Life, Stronger in Faith, and Free from the Stuff Keeping You Stuck.

Life is never as easy as we want it to be…. and just when we think everything is FINALLY falling into place, a car tire blows out. Work piles up. Kids throw tantrums. Or you are faced with even more serious issues like divorce, sickness, loss.  It’s a struggle.  Sometimes it can feel so overwhelming that you just get “stuck”.

In this 6-part series, author Nicole Unice explores why life’s a struggle and what to do about it. With God as the hero of the story, a hard day has new meaning.


The Leadership Formation Adventure is our Leadership Development program at North River. The purpose of TLFA is to invest in individuals who desire to lead, equip them for leadership, and empower them to help shape the direction and future of North River.   

Leadership is vital for a healthy and growing church.  A healthy church needs leadership for various ministry and teaching roles.  When leaders are developed, the church becomes more effective in achieving its mission, and creates a leadership culture that is pervasive throughout the church.

We are forming our next leadership class for this fall.  Please contact Pastor Todd if you are interested in learning more. or sign up HERE.

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