Children’s Ministry

Welcome to KidsZone

Where Families Grow in Grace & in the Knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Children are precious to us and to God. We want all children to be welcomed into a safe and loving environment in which they can grow in their developing faith.  We realize that teaching is a partnership with our parents and we strive to support their efforts in leading their children to a life long relationship with Christ. Through a biblical, child-friendly curriculum that’s interactive and fun, we strive to provide a place where kids want to bring their friends, parents can connect, and Christ’s redemptive message will be clear. 

Kidszone Values

Safety -Emotionally and Physically: where kids know that they are valued

Leading Children to Christ: through modeling & teaching

Equipping Families: providing tools to build upon Sunday’s lessons

Teaching Biblical Truth: not just stories, but truths they can count on

Relevancy and Fun: Why it matters what they remember

Child-Targeted Teaching: age appropriate & incorporating diverse learning styles

What Do We Teach?

Our curriculum “First Look” & “252 Kids”  is published by  and uses a comprehensive strategy for every age from birth through graduation.  We use the R.E.A.L. learning approach in our classrooms to creatively teach the Father’s foundation with fun:

R- Relational Children work in small groups to explore their understanding at a personal level.

E- Experiential  using multiple senses increases learning and retention tenfold. You’ll find painting, puppetry, music, parachutes, drama and more.

A- Applicable  Beyond information to transformation, your child should be able to answer “so what?” when they leave their class.

L- Learner-based  Our teachers strive to use words appropriate to their specific age level and invite them to take on a weekly challenge to apply their learning.

Who Are Our Teachers?

Our volunteer classroom teachers are carefully selected through an application process, are interviewed by the Children’s Ministry Pastor and have a CORI background check administered.  We look for teaching that is full of surprises, interesting, and challenging. Our teachers are dedicated to being prayerful and loving towards the children as they bring high-energy and creativity to the classroom. We’d love you to come check us out if you are interested. Let us set up a time where you can just shadow a teacher as a helper and you can get an idea of where you might fit in.


Welcome New Families!

If you are new to North River we invite you to arrive 10 minutes early before the service starts. Please check in at the KidsZone Welcome Center on the Lower Level. You may want to preregister your children by downloading our registration form (click on button below) before arriving. Instruction begins promptly at 9am or 11am for Infants through Kindergarten. Infant and Toddler rooms are located straight through the lobby on the main level. PreK/K  classrooms are on the low level. Grades 1-5 begin the morning in the service upstairs in the Worship Center with their parents and then meet their teachers in the lobby at announcement time. All of our teachers are CORI checked, interviewed, and have background references. Training is provided and they are awesome!!

We ask that you pick up your children promptly after the service is over in these locations: PreK & K  in their classroom on the Lower Level, Grades 1-5 in the KidsZone Worship Center (Lower Level).

All parents must fill out a registration form before their child attends class for the first time. 


To find out more about our Children’s Ministry or to enroll, contact Amy Lynch, Children’s Ministry Director.

781-826-0722 ext 103 or email


Next Steps:

1. Choose an area of interest and connect with Amy Lynch, Children’s Ministries director.

2. Download the Volunteer CORI Application and the Teacher or KidsZone Student Helper Covenant.

3. Complete and attach a photocopy of your license or government ID with your CORI Form.

4. Return completed forms to: Amy Lynch, North River Community Church, 334 Old Oak St, Pembroke, MA 02359